Forgotten Father (Written February 20, 2017)

she has memories of a person

who never did exist.


blossoming springs:

a dandelion’s worth of wishes

she pulls petals from a daisy

she asks questions.

the glint of brown glass in the grass.

he constructs her

a hand-me-down plastic playhouse

he deconstructs her.


steaming summers:

a metal swing set bumps against the dirt

she flies so high

she goes nowhere.


his hands are there

pushing her

holding her back.


waning autumns:

a face covered in clown paint

she has candy sticky hands

she has fake smiles

her worn tennis shoes and a bag filled till it bursts.

he presents promises

instructing her to stay on the sidewalk

telling her to stay put


freezing winters:

an unlatched door drafts crisp mornings

she pretends to be in a circus

she dodges

christmas programs with divvied roles.

she is but a child

she is but a lamb.

he strings holiday lights the way he strings lies—

new years firecrackers of blue, red and white.

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