Sestina #1 (Written February 12, 2017)

he is perfect and kind

because he treats her so well. too well. she never notices

how he remembers the little things she says.

he knows she loves delicate things, but forgets she loves to see them break.

one day, when she was not watching

he handed her his heart.


because she did not know him, she believed his heart

was strong enough to withstand the kind

of title wave that blooms from watching

love fall apart without heeding the notices.

so things spiraled and cracked until they slowly began to break.

until he built a wall high enough to withstand what the world would say.


i told him, “cover your ears, and don’t listen to what she says.”

but he held his wounded heart

so close that, even if she was looking, she would not have seen it break.

and he did not hear my words—he is too perfect and kind.

he was hurting and i was the only one who noticed.

he was caught still loving her and i was left watching


as his heart broke. it was like i was entranced, watching

a sad movie where the girl never says

i love you back. he pretended not to notice

how big the crack in his heart

had grown. the crack grew and tore until it was lopsided—one of a kind.

i told him to leave her, “at least take a break”


i said, “can’t you see, can’t you feel, the way your heart breaks?

she does not care. she does not even bother to pretend she’s watching.

you are far too brave, too perfect, too loving and too kind

to let your happiness swing in the balance of what one silly girl says.

if she can look through you, ignore you, toss away the heart

you gave, then perhaps take it back and see if she even bothers to notice.”


he kept his head down, his gaze never noticing

the tears on my face. in his hurt, i found my own heartbreak.

because, one day, i gave him my heart

when he was not watching.

i talked him down from the highest of heights. i was there to notice

that he was perfect and he was kind.


he never took back his heart, and she never did notice.

the kind boy i once loved, ended up with his heart completely broken.

if only he’d seen that i was watching when he remembered the little things.

|sestina #1|